CPR Product Intelligence

CPR’s Product Intelligence offers a “suite” of three solutions to help our clients gain valuable competitive intelligence on specific products and brands

New Product Flash (NPF) provides our clients with unique & proprietary competitive intelligence on new national brand products!
  • Provides detailed fact-based competitive intelligence on national brand new product introductions 6 – 8 weeks prior to distribution in the market
  • Includes UPC, product description, list price, retail price range, package size and a downloadable image of the new product packaging in most cases
  • All Users receive e-mail alerts to notify you of new products in your categories
  • Database includes 5+ years of new product history
  • Search database by brand, manufacturer, ingredients, list/retail price, package size, description or any combination
  • See a sample report for more details.NPF Sample Report

    Use Package Change Alert (PCA) to keep abreast of any changes to existing product packaging made by your competitors!
  • Keep track of all package changes on existing packaging in the market (package design, copy, size, type, ingredients, etc.)
  • Identify new marketing claims and/or call to action and changes
  • Review old and new packaging side-by-side (360 view)
  • Receive monthly e-mail alerts notifying you of all packaging changes in your categories
  • No need to visit stores to get new packages
  • Database contains more than 25,000 iterations of national brand packaging. Click “Previous” and see an image of the previous packaging for a 5 year period
  • See a sample report for more details.NPF Sample Report

    Our clients use Ingredient Change Alert (ICA) to develop sales & marketing strategies based on active & inactive ingredients added and/or deleted, to identify ingredient change trends and for product development!
  • Database contains 5+ years of history with more than 13,000 iterations of national brand ingredient changes
  • View package image and ingredient changes side-by-side and see detailed changes
  • Obtain detailed information on active and inactive ingredient additions and/or deletions
  • Receive monthly e-mail alerts notifying you of all ingredient changes in your categories
  • Search the database by category, ingredient, product form, manufacturer, brand or UPC
  • Identify and establish ingredient change trends by brand, product, manufacturer and category
  • See a sample report for more details.NPF Sample Report