CPR Margin Comparison

Understand the Business Using the Retailers’ Financial Metrics

To maximize your margins, you need to understand how your brands contribute to the retailers’ bottom line versus your competitors. The CPR Margin Comparison solution provides our clients with the tools they need to maintain brand growth and leadership. Make sure your brands deliver competitive margin and contribute to the retailers’ financial objectives. This database allows you to: Track average low, average and high everyday retail price for more than 20,000 national brand SKUs in Food, Drug & Mass Track average everyday retail price changes by the dollar amount or percent change threshold you want to see Compare the retailer margin contribution for your brands vs. your competitors and the category Receive e-mail alerts to notify you when average everyday retail prices change With CPR Margin Comparison, you won’t leave money on the table when negotiating with retailers. We help you understand retail price fluctuations, retailer margin and their impact on sales.

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