CPR Detail Report

Profitable Results Require Detailed Competitive Analysis

The CPR Detail Report is our flagship solution and contains trade pricing and promotions data including list price and list price changes for national brands, EDAC (Every Day Acquisition Cost) for private label, off-invoice allowances, bill back allowances, payment terms and much more. With seven distinctive reports, our unique and proprietary data helps you navigate the competitive landscape in your category so that you can:

  • Identify promotional strategies throughout the year based on your competitors’ promotional programs and timing.
  • Analyze trade allowances and conduct gross margin percentage comparison so that you can develop your allowance strategy to help stimulate sales.
  • Review allowances over several years to determine if there is consistency or a trend in competitors’ promotional allowance amounts and timing.
  • Uncover the history of your competitors’ list prices to the trade to determine their timing and the average percent of change in order to plan your own list price increases accordingly.
  • Conduct trade spending analysis when the CPR Detail Report is used in conjunction with your sales data.
  • Develop sales and marketing strategies.

    Our database is updated daily from from a panel of national and regional retailers and wholesalers in the food, drug, and mass markets and contains 5+ years of history. We collect over 100,000 deals that have been offered by more than 300 manufacturers annually, and we have competitive data for over 65 HBW categories.

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