CPR Detail Report

Profitable Results Require Detailed Competitive Analysis

The CPR Detail Report is our flagship solution and contains trade pricing (list price and list price changes) for more than 60,000 Health, Beauty & Wellness (HBW) national brand SKUs across 60 categories. This unique and proprietary database helps you navigate the competitive landscape so that you can:

  • Identify competitive pricing strategies by SKU, brand and/or manufacturer on a near real-time basis by segment and/or category:
    • Benchmark your competitors’ published list price to the retailer vs. your own
    • Receive e-mail alerts to notify you of list price changes
  • Uncover the history of your competitors’ list prices to the trade to determine their timing, amount and the percent of change in order to plan your own list price increases accordingly:
    • Identify pricing trends – 5 years of history
  • Use our cost data with other syndicated POS data to calculate gross margin percent and dollars so that you can develop your allowance strategy to help stimulate sales
  • Conduct trade spending analysis when the CPR Detail Report is used in conjunction with other syndicated POS data
  • Develop more effective sales, marketing and trade strategies

We obtain our data from a panel of national and regional retailers and wholesalers in the food, drug, and mass classes of trade and our database is updated daily.

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