Competitive Promotion Report, LLC (CPR) was founded in 1989 as the exclusive provider of trade pricing & promotions data in the health, beauty & wellness (HBW) sector of CPG. At that time, the company collected hard copies of invoices from retailers and wholesalers in the Food, Drug & Mass channels for a wide range of HBW products, including OTC and Personal Care. The invoices were then copied and mailed to CPR clients, HBW manufacturers, on a monthly basis.

CPR was acquired in 1998 by a former senior executive with a major consumer healthcare company. The process of collecting the trade pricing & promotions data was automated, and clients began accessing the company’s database to obtain reports. New products and services providing our clients with unique competitive intelligence were also added. Over the next 13 years, the company enjoyed consistent and steady growth.

Brantley Research acquired CPR in March 2011. Since that time, the new President, CEO, Glenwood Davis, has transformed the company from a provider of data and “reports” to a strategic business partner delivering real solutions that address specific business challenges faced by our clients. Today, CPR maintains our position as the exclusive provider of trade pricing & promotions data, competitive brand margin analysis and competitive product intelligence (new products, packaging & ingredients). In addition, new advanced analytic tools have been developed that allow CPR to consider multiple metrics in context with the retailer’s margin objectives to understand how various strategies impact ROI. The result: outcome driven solutions that help our clients grow retail sales, profit and market share.

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