Our strategic solutions provide you and your team with robust competitive intelligence not available from any other source.


This unique insider information gives you the competitive edge you need in order to innovate and effectively plan your strategy. CPR is your reliable source for trade costs (published list price and list price changes), retail margins, new product introductions, package and ingredient changes and much more.




To be a brand leader in the Health, Beauty, and Wellness (HBW) Industry,
you must understand your competition.

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“I was new in my position as Director, Sales Strategy & Planning and wanted to see how our published list prices compared to our competitors.  My team used the CPR Detail Report to benchmark our cost to the retailer versus competitive SKUs over a 5-year period and found that we had not taken a price increase in almost 7 years.  As a result, our list prices were well below our competitors who had taken price increases but while our retail prices had risen consistent with our competitors.  Shortly after this analysis we were able to take a price increase without any negative impact on unit sales resulting in a significant increase in profit.”

Director, Sales Strategy & Planning for a Global OTC pharmaceutical products company

“In order to increase distribution, we needed to show greater profitability than our competitors. Using net pricing from the CPR Detail Report along with syndicated sales data and retail sales, we calculated profit dollars by SKU and brand. Even with lower retail sales, the profits for our new product line were greater than 75% of the SKUs in the stores. This knowledge helped us convince the retailers, and we achieved distribution and met our sales goals in the second year after introduction.”

Director of Competitive Intelligence & Insights for a medium-sized CPG company

“New Product Flash has allowed us to get the facts on new product introductions so that we can be proactive and take steps to maintain our distribution when we anticipate a competitive threat. It has definitely helped us keep our field salesforce ahead of the curve. No longer do we have to depend on our salespeople and brokers to keep us up-to-date.”

Vice President of Sales for a mid-sized Personal Care manufacturer